Thursday, May 19, 2011

Facebook Tips & Tricks

  • Use a current profile picture.
  • Don't overdo your 'Interests' - it's understood that you enjoy "chillin' with friends" and "reading a good book," so get more descriptive. Instead of "chillin' with friends, say, for example, "eating fried chicken  while watching football with the boys." Instead of "reading a good book," respond with, "Victorian Literature."  
  • Don't underestimate the importance of your 'Favorite Music' section . 
  • Invite All of Your Actual Friends (and Family). 
  • Don't add random friends 
  • It's okay to decline random 'Friend' requests. 
  • Make friend suggestions on behalf of new members. 
  • Do write on your friends' "Walls".
  • Make sure to use the privacy settings .
  • Manage your online profile, because potential employers and college admissions may be checking.
  • Let your friends know what or how you're doing with Facebook's 'Status' feature.
  • Don't use the 'Poke' function, ever.
  • Access Facebook from your phone .
  • Add your blog, Twitter account, and more to Facebook .
  • Create and invite 'Friends' to 'Events.'  
  • Do 'tag' your friends in pictures .
  • Edit your 'networks' .
  • Fine-tune your e-mail notification settings .
  • Make a page for your business, club, band, candidate, pet...  
  • Be Wary of Scammers .
  • Set up your News Feed preferences  .              


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