Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Remove Mobile Virus using Netqin

1.Install NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus and update your virus definition database.

2. Run a full scan on your device and inserted memory card.
3. If viruses were detected during scanning, you can delete them. If you ’re prompted that viruses are not all successfully deleted, don’t worry about it.
4. After deleting viruses, exit the NetQin Mobile Anti-Virus and follow the prompted dialogue to restart your phone.
5. After the restart of your phone, you’re supposed to manually execute a full scan again to delete the residual viruses. (Maybe there isn’t any virus left .)

6. Now application manager is expected to work again. Go to application manager and uninstall the malicious application which you installed.

If your infected phone do not work anymore, you can hard format your phone to remove the virus and its variants.
Note: All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost. Do the following steps to format your phone:
1. Turn the phone off.

2. Press and hold the three key, “Call Key” + “*” + “3”.

3. Keep pressing the three key simultaneous and boot the phone.

4. Do not loose any key and wait for several seconds. The phone will display the string ”formatting” or pop the phone setting dialog. It will be determined by the phone type.

5. After formatting, you can use the phone again.
If the infected phone holds a memory card inside, it may also be infected. Before formatting, you should pull the card out. The suspected card should be formatted with USB card reader connected to a computer later on. In a word, the phone device and the memory card should be formatted respectively.


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