Friday, May 20, 2011

Preventive Techniques For Mobile Virus

  • Do not install pirated software on your mobile. Only install software from reliable resources.
  • Do not accept any messages sent over blue tooth from somebody you don’t know or if you are not expecting to receive one.
  • Provide training to personnel using mobile phones / PDAs. People cannot be held accountable to secure their information if they haven't been told how.
  • Patch management for software on mobile devices should not be overlooked. This can often be simplified by integrating patching with syncing, or patch management with the centralized inventory database.
  • For smart phones in particular, real-time automatic and on-demand virus scan capabilities can protect files that are stored on the smart phone's file system, while the firewall should use protocol and port filtering to protect the data and applications being transmitted.  
  • The kaspersky antivirus personal is one of the antiviruses available for removing the cell phone virus like cell phone virus 911. 
  • The spy sweeper is an award winning software that effectively and safely detects and removes Trojans from your mobile.


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