Sunday, July 1, 2012

Blogger : Block Low Paying Adsense Ads to Display

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Now Signup for a's free and very simple.

Step 3:

Now login to your account.

Step 4:

Now Click on My Account.

Step 5:

Now click on 'Add New Domain'

Step 6:

Submit your URL,TITLE and Keywords

Step 7

Now go to Generate Filter List.

Step 8:

Drag and drop your domain name into 'Keywords from selected domains:' box.Then you can see keywords,you give in step 4.

Step 9:

Now select 'MFA' and 'LCPC'.Now click on Submit.They will give you lowpaying ads urls.copy these urls.

Step 10:

Now login to your Google Adsense Account.

Step 11:

Click AdSense Setup.Go to Competitive Ad Filter category.

Step 12:

Paste lowpaying ads urls into the box and click save changes.Now google will not display low paying ads in your site.

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