Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Add Google Search Engine in Your Site or Blog

There are different ways to add search engine in your blog or website. In Blogger,the easiest way to add a search engine from Add a Page Element Gadget. But this search engine does not show results with google adsense ads. So, it is better to add a search engine from Google Adsense if you are registered with it which means you blog will get more exposure to show google ads and thus increase your revenue.

Step 1: Log in to Google Adsense -->Adsense Setup-->Adsense for Search

Step 2: In the Search type and selected site box enter your site or blog url. Also put optional keywords that are suitable with your blog sites.Click on Next

Step 3: At Look and Feel Option,select the way how your search box will look like. At ,Opening of search results page box, you will find some options. But my suggestion is to select open search results in new window.Also configure you ads color according to your need.Click on Next.

Step 4: Now Save the Search Engine.Submit it and you will get a CSS/HTML Code. Copy the code and paste it in your blog or site.


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