Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Create Your Own Themes in Windows 7

Step 1. Right Click on your Desktop and Select Personalize from Context Menu.

Step 2. Now click on desktop background to set background wallpaper of Theme.

Step 3. Click Browse to locate folder of wallpapers

Step 4. Select check images/wallpapers for slideshow feature in your theme & save changes.

Step 5. Set Windows color to change color of windows, background, and cursor for theme.

Step 6. Click on sound to change system sound default

Step 7. Click on Screen Saver to set screen saver for the Theme.

Step 8. After setting all the components of the Theme Pack click on save theme option in your personalization window.

Step 9. Enter theme name and select themepack as save type

Step 10. Double Click on the theme pack to install it.

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