Friday, December 2, 2011

A Method to Convert Image File to Text File

Now a- days, people asked me about how to convert the jpg file to text file. I was wondering why what may be the purpose. Later , i came to know that they want to copy/edit some special text from jpg or image file and want to paste it on doc file to write articles. In this regards, just sharing a idea how to convert the jpg file to text file without installing any software.

Step 1: Save the image file in jpg or jpeg format.

Step 2: Go to the following site:

Step 3:Click on Browse to select your image file or pdf file or input image url.

Step 4: Click on Preview. It will load your image

Step 5: Select the portion of the image from where you want to grab some text

Step 6: Click on OCR

Step 7:Click on Update file.

Step 8: At below, you will find a box where your selected image (text portion) is in text format. Just copy it and paste it to doc file.

Step 9: Done

Image to Text Converter


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