Friday, September 30, 2011

How to Transfer Blogger Ownership to Another Account

Step 1:

Login to Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2:

Click on "Settings" on your dashboard

Step 3:

Now click "Permissions" tab.

Step 4:

Under Blog Authors click on the "ADD AUTHOR".

Step 5:

Enter the email address (G-mail) to which account you transfer the blog ownership and click on Invite

Step 6:

Grant Admin permission when the second user accept your invitation.

Step 7:

Now you delete your account in this same tab and thus transfer your blog to another account.


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  2. Just what I needed. Unfortunately, before you transfer your ownership, you'd have to know that the photos linked to your previous account will be removed once you remove the first account from the admins. It jsut happened to me. Even if I transferred ownership again to the original, the photos never came back. *Sigh*